Saturday, February 10, 2007

Muslim Nias Being Marginalized

Quoted from Pikiran Rakyat (Bandung City Newspaper), 30 June 2006:
"Hope so the mosque and the Islamic school's building immediately receive help/aid (donation)", also expressed by non muslim, Edi Lase, the staff of BRR (Aceh Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction).

Although following the Protestan religion, he was very concerned about the insignificance of help that was distributed against the muslim inhabitants. "Poor them of muslim people in Nias, They are being marginalized. Aid is more to the majority. This not the problem of the distinction. It's proper if aid to the inhabitants of the majority religion is more."

If Non Muslim so concerned, why we are as the brotherhood of Muslim not so concernt about our brother in Nias Island...?

Are we going to let the Future of Islam in Nias become gloomy...?

Someone said, but possibly rather excessive; Muslim fate in Nias almost similar (but not be the same) with muslim in Palestine: being marginalized in their own Country, in the middle of majority of muslim in that region.

Isn't your heart touch on yet..?


List of Collapse / Heavy Damage Masjid

Estimated total 77 Masjid and Madrassah that collapsed and heavy damaged.

However till at this time the Foundation just received the data totalling 28 of Masjid and Madrassah that were heavy damage and collapsed, as listed below:

1. Masjid Taqwa Pasar Jl Diponegoro, Kel Pasar, T. Dalam
2. Masjid Jami’ Al-Ikhlas Kel Pasar Telo, Nias Selatan
3. Masjid Jami’ Kel. Pasar T. Dalam, Nias Selatan
4. Masjid Al-Falah Desa Sianuru, PP Batu, Nias Sel.
5. Masjid Taqwa Muhammadiyah Jl Diponegoro No 29, GnSitoli
6. Masjid Al-Abrar Desa Tetehosi, Kec Idanö Gawo
7. Masjid As-Sakinah Desa Bozihona, Kec Idanö awo
8. Masjid Al-Uswah Desa Tetesua, Kec. Sirombu
9. Masjid Al-Falah Tohia Jl. Diponegoro, Tohia, GnSitoli
10. Masjid Jami’ Lafau Desa Siheneasi, Kec. Lahewa
11. Masjid Jami’ Al-Ikhlas Desa Tebolo Melaya, Kec. Hibala
12. Masjid Taqwa Muhammadiyah Desa Sirombu, Kec. Sirombu
13. Masjid Jami’ Al-Ikhlas Hulo Hinako, Kec. Sirombu
14. Masjid Al-Ihsan Desa Fino, Kec. Tuhemberua
15. Masjid Jami’ Almukarramin Desa Dure Loto, Kec. Lahewa
16. Masjid Jami’ Lahewa Kel. Pasar, Kec. Lahewa
17. Masjid Mawaddah Umbu Desa Olora, Kec. Gunung Sitoli
18. Masjid Al-Husna Desa Sifahando, Kec. Tuhemberua
19. Masjid Jami’ Hinako Desa Hinako, Kec. Sirombu
20. Masjid Jami’ Fofola Desa Fofola, Kec. Tuhemberua
21. Masjid Al-Khairat Desa Afulu, Kec. Afulu
22. Masjid Jami’ Shalihin Desa Miga, Kec. Gunung Sitoli
23. Masjid Nurul Huda PP Batu, Nias Selatan
24. Masjid Al-Azhar Desa Bais, PP Batu, Nias Selatan
25. Masjid Al-Muslimun Desa Botohaenga, Bawolato, Nias Sel.
26. Masjid Ulfatun Taqwa Desa Afulu, Kec. Afulu
27. Masjid Taqwa Mudik Jl. Pattimura, Desa Mudik, GnSitoli
28. Madrasah Islamiyah Pasar Gunung Sitoli

Vision and Mission

All praise to Allah, has been establish a Foundation cared about muslim in Nias Island, on 13 Ramadhan 1427 H./06 October 2006 in Jakarta.

The foundation was initiative and  declare by muslim Nias community whom live in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang, Bekasi and Bandung City.

This foundation will look any possible ways to facilitate restoration efforts for Nias people post the tsunami and earthquake in Nias Island.


To Bring High Quality Human Resources of Nias That Become the Blessing For All Nature (Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin).


Facilitated Restoration Efforts of Nias People Post Tsunami and Earthquake, in Order to Bring Them Alive Appropriatly as the Indonesian People.


Realisation of Facilities from Various Resources To Implement Vision and Mission Above.

The Idea to Establish a Foundation

Efforts to look for help was carried out individualy must be formalised in the form of the Foundation. Because of that in the family gathering agenda of Muslim Nias in Jakarta on Sunday on September 17 2006, in the house of Teuku Syaiful Anwar in Munjul – East Jakarta, was agreed to formed a foundation, named: Yayasan Peduli Muslim Nias, Muslim Nias Care Foundation.

This foundation looks any possible ways to facilitate restoration efforts of the life of the Nias community post the tsunami and the earthquake, especially in order to build again the mosques and the broken Islamic school.

Mr. Haji Muhammad Danial Tanjung, former member of DPR (People's Representative Council of Republic Indonesia) who was born in Gunung Sitoli, elected as the Chairman of the Foundation. He said that this foundation is part of the participation of muslim Nias resident's in the foreign region to develope Nias Island.

Eventually, after preceded with several meetings, then on the Friday, 13 Ramadhan 1427 H coincided with October 06 2006, in front of the Notary Drs. A. Taufiqurrahman S, SH, elected board of chairman were signing the Notary's Certificate of the Yayasan Peduli Muslim Nias; this date also stated as date of birth of the foundation. The foundation's head office was located in Jakarta and could opened the branch office in other provinces.

The board of chairman, adviser, Supervisor and the Management of the Yayasan Peduli Muslim Nias, really hoped for the support from all sides/parties, so this foundation could take extended action against a task call that was very famous in Nias: “Aine tahaogö mbanuada” (Let’s build our land), of course with the sincere intention only because of Allah (Lillaahi Ta’ala).

To all Muzakki (Zakat payors), donors, philanthropist are invited to distribute their help, alms, infaq, saddaqah, and all other aid or relief through the Yayasan Peduli Muslim Nias.

In the mean time, the Foundation will open the account in several other banks. The management of the Foundation will coordinate his channelling with the related side in Nias, in accordance with the priority and the available capacity.

May Allah help all of us.


As we known, people of Nias Island was suffering badly. Nias was affected by the horrifying natural disaster twice in this last three year.

Firstly, the tsunami on December 26 2004 along with Aceh. Secondly, the earthquake that happened last March 28 2005. This natural disaster often claimed fatalities and turned many buildings, including the Masjid (mosque)and Madrasah (Islamic school).

Refer to official record, 50% of 154 Masjid (mosque) in Nias experienced damage or collapsed. Listed 77 Masjid, including Madrasah (Islamic school)experienced damage. From 77 broken/damaged Masjid, 32 is heavy damage and collapse, they located in four cities where many Muslim community base, that is Gunung Sitoli, Lahewa, Teluk Dalam and Sirombu.

More than two years tsunami and earthquake passed by, from 32 heavy damage/ collapse Masjid and Madrasah, as told by Azhar Chaniago, former Chairman of Muhammadiyah Nias Regency, just four already rebuild permanently, that is Ladara Tuhemberua Mosque, Taqwa Tetehosi Mosque, Mosque Taqwa in Boyo Village and Mosque of Lagundri Bay in South Nias. The rest still in temporary building.

Why only few can rebuilt?

The lack of cost, while the source of the fund that could be hoped for from local Moslems very few. Moreover population of Moslems in Nias so little, around 31.227 or 4,47% from all over the inhabitants of Nias Island. Most of them affected by the two disasters above.

Before tsunami and earthquake, most of donors are the trader from West Sumatra (Minang tribe). But they went to leave Nias post the earthquake. Sriwijaya Post, on April 1 2005 reported, that thousands of residents Minang left Nias. As Taswin says, the Management of the Association of the Malalo Family (IKMAL) West Sumatra: “We have no hope anymore there again. Our house and business all was destroyed and we are in lack of food situation. To rebuild and reestablish our business will took time and big effort”. Might be the similar matter was done also by that was other who left Nias.

Moslems in Nias hoped that the government could rebuild theire Masjid and Madrasah, especially that was located in the muslim community base. Several Masjid has received only few donation, but it’s only enough to built temporary building, far from suitable Masjid. Certainly must be realised the government capability was also limited. Because of that we must count of our self supporting from muslim community, both in Nias personally and outside Nias.

The resident of Muslim from Nias that for a long time live in the foreign region, had continued to monitor this condition in Nias. Many of their relatives who still in Nias were telling about their very sad condition.

In fact Moslems from Nias who live in foreign region not too many. In muslim Nias family database who live around in Jakarta city, was listed only 185 household. Although a little but they had the strong spirit and the strong intention to help Moslems in Nias.(ypmn)